Elisefarm welcomes you to a dining experience!

We have recently moved our restaurant to a renovated house further up at the farm! Just follow the driveway past the putting green and you'll see it on your right side.

Mattias Bengtsson is our chef master since November 2016. His food philosophy is based on modern "grandma - food", he's very creative with the layup and he'll make you food that you won't forget, neither the taste or the impression. All the food is homemade with lokal products. The motto; from ground to table, is what we value high. where you take advantage of nature's own pantry with herbs, mushrooms and all kinds of accessories through traditional storage methods.  

Mattias worked at many different Michelin restaurants in Copenhagen after he finished his cook education. He built his family and decided to move back to Sweden to spend more time with them.

He worked at a lot of good restaurants such as Hotel Karmer in Malmö but he decided to open his own restaurant "M på väster" witch was a success. 

Mattias got 2014 ”an offer you can´t refuse” he got the mission to start up  Malmö Live as one of the main chefs, he choosed to sell his own restaurant. Shortly after, he got the responsibility to start up the restaurant at Quality View Hotel in Hyllie, vilket passade bra då hans bostad ligger i nära anslutning.  

Mattias and Elisefarm's roads crossed and since November 2015 Mattias was employed as a chef master at Elisefarm.

At Elisefarm there is a lot of wildlife like ducks and pheasants, and asparagus, raw materials are grown, of course, available on the menu during the season. By following the season's variations and jams and salts, we can use the pantry of nature throughout the year. Do not be surprised if you find our chefs in the process of picking herbs and mushrooms in the area around Elisefarm.
Mattias wants to put the guest in focus and always give something beyond what it means, because "the guest is here for a party"!
The goal is to become "Best in Class" and to put Elisefarm on the gastronomic map!
Who knows maybe Guide Michelin finds out to "Mitt Skåne"!


Ingrid & Lars