Treat yourself to a wonderful massage!

Massage is for everyone! For those who just want to relax for a while or for you with excited and stiff muscles. Increased circulation and heat, better mobility, reduced stress and increased well-being are just some of its effects.

Loosening Massage

Aroma massage, a wonderful full body massage with hot oils. Choose from the following treatments:

whole body 50 min

half-body 25 min

Face & Scalp massage 25 min

Medicine Massage

Half body 25 min

Back and neck massage 25 min

Full body massage - sports massage 50 min

"The golfer's dream"

Full back and lumbar massage 50 min

Legs, back and seat 25 min

50 minutes treatment 695, -

25 minutes treatment 395, -

Access to the spa for those who do not stay at the hotel costs 295 kr. If you want to enjoy our Spa in conjunction with your treatment, you will receive a 50 kr discount if you book a 25-minute treatment and a 100 kr discount if you book a 50-minute treatment. For those who wish for regular massage, we have special prices.

We also have the opportunity to arrange skin treatments, body peeling etc. Please book your treatment timely so that we can satisfy your wishes, by phone to our reception at +46413 - 330 70 or by e-mail to

Keep in mind that some medical conditions, pregnancy, etc. may cause treatments to not be performed, please contact us before you are uncertain.